What she chooses?

Stairs claimed in the past is reflecting in her optic.
The path seemed to take her to Zion.

So took step after step with no second speculation.

Although the omens tried to stop her.

She mistaken it as some hurdles to success.

Thus ignoring those signs of protection,

Went forward hugging ego and being wrecked.

Loosing her well-wishers, joining hands with destroyers,

Smashing the land just below her foot as she took next step.

There she caught a glimpse of the attic for where she was heading,

Realised that was not a paradise but a place of hellfire.

So now she stopped at the midway and turned back,

All she found is shattered footfall with the mark of futile suffering,

And her profane behaviour towards her friends

For which she regrets and is ashamed.

Now stepping backward seemed to be impossible,

As the stairs are almost destroyed.

But still can be managed to come back,

If she don’t fear a fallback.

Now it is her decision to choose either,

To climb up the path leading her to place of torment.

Or to get back to right place consuming a temporary waves of pain…


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